Sample Invitation Email for Opening Weekend Concerts

One of our SOSMN Leaders sent this email to many of her friends the week of September 8. If you’d like to send a message to your friends and aren’t quite sure what to say, feel free to borrow any or all of her verbiage!

Dear Friends,

Maybe you like classical music. 

Maybe you don’t. 

Or… maybe you don’t know if you like classical music.

How about taking a chance to find out?

As a member of Save Our Symphony Minnesota (SOSMN) for the past year, I have been working – along with an army of music fans – to ensure the return of the Orchestra’s musicians to Orchestra Hall.  It has been a remarkable journey back from a 16-month lockout.

Our efforts succeeded.  The Orchestra has been saved.  Now it needs YOUR support to thrive.

The opening of the 2014-15 Minnesota Orchestra Season – on September 26, 27 and 28 – will be spectacular.  Dubbed “A Grand New Beginning” it will feature a colorful, powerful, emotional showcase of the finest talents and best-honed skills of our magnificent musicians and Osmo Vänskä, the Conductor/Music Director.

I invite you to visit to explore options for attending one concert (just one—to see if you like it) and to support, in spirit or body, what is genuinely one of the most important and valuable elements of Minnesota’s cultural landscape.

Opening weekend will feature Mahler’s monumental Symphony No. 2 “Resurrection” and Barber’s Cello Concerto.  Neither should be missed. In addition, a variety of celebratory activities are scheduled for the Atrium and Lobby before and after each of these opening weekend concerts (including a trivia contest with prizes, music in the Lobby, photo booths for your participation in a giant photo mosaic, and more).

[My husband] and I are going and will gladly meet you there either Friday or Saturday evening.

Go ahead.  Call the orchestra or check out their website and buy tickets. Make a date with friends or significant others for a wonderful night out in downtown Minneapolis. I predict you will not be disappointed. 

No need to respond to me, unless you have questions.

Thanks for your time in reading this.

Hope to see you at Orchestra Hall.


[SOSMN member]


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2 Responses to Sample Invitation Email for Opening Weekend Concerts

  1. ssarich says:

    Excellent idea. I work at the University of Minnesota. I’d be willing to post something at Ferguson Hall’s (the Music Dept.’s) bulletin board, assuming they would give me permission to. You could put something in there about first-timers getting the $5 deal (I think that’s what it is, anyway). Sincerely, Stephanie Sarich

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