Attorney Lee Henderson to City of Mpls: MOA not in Compliance with Lease

On Tuesday, December 31, and Thursday, January 3, Save Our Symphony MN wrote letters to Minneapolis Community Planning & Economic Development (CPED) Executive Director Jeremy Hanson Willis, arguing that the Minnesota Orchestral Association (MOA) is in Default under Section 28(I) of the Lease because information previously submitted to the State of Minnesota was not true, complete and correct. We requested the City of Minneapolis to take appropriate steps to terminate the Lease.  Those letters can be found in this blog here and here.

On Thursday, January 9, Attorney Lee Henderson wrote to CPED Executive Director Jeremy Hanson Willis, expanding the argument that MOA is out of compliance with the Lease.  Henderson highlights terms of the State of Minnesota Grant Agreement and the City of Minneapolis Lease.  He then dissects more than a dozen points from MOA’s December 2 and December 20 reports to the City, arguing that MOA’s data and assertions regarding programming and budget issues fail to meet even a cursory reading of the Lease. Henderson concludes that CPED must determine that MOA is not in compliance with its Lease obligations and refer the matter to the City Council.

Click here to read or download Mr. Henderson’s letter:  2014-01-09_City_Letter_re_MOA – Henderson

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