Letter of the day – 11-12-2013

Note: The Star Tribune made the requested corrections in the online version of this column the following day. Unfortunately the print version contained the incorrect information.  We understand a print correction will appear on Sunday.

To the Editor:

In James Lileks’ column in the Sunday, November 10, 2013 Mpls. Star Tribune, he refers to the current situation between the Minnesota Orchestral Association and the Musicians of the MN Orchestra as a “strike” twice. At no place does he refer to the situation as a “lockout.”

He’s wrong. It is a lockout by the Board of Directors (including Michael Klingensmith, Publisher and CEO of the Star Tribune who sits on that Board) of the Minnesota Orchestral Association.

I’m astonished and appalled that after 13 months, this factual error of Mr. Lileks’ managed to get past his editor. I should think that a newspaper that has won two Pulitzer Prizes this year would want to correct immediately any factual errors that appear in its pages.

However, due to Mr. Klingensmith’s participation in the lockout, I wonder if Mr. Lileks’ column was an opportunity to disseminate misinformation and make it appear that the musicians have caused the darkness at Orchestra Hall? This raises in my mind the question of the newspaper’s ability to cover this labor dispute with journalistic fairness and objectivity as long as Mr. Klingensmith is publisher and also an MOA Board member. Mr. Lileks’ column could be an example of a conflict of interest issue.

Mr. Lileks is entitled to his opinion but he does need to get his facts right.


Gina Hunter

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