Letter of the day 9-29-2013

Today’s letter is a response to our September 27th column in the MinnPost

This is a useful reminder of a pattern of behavior by management which informs the musicians responses. And while I think everyone would agree revenue is a problem the way the problem is proposed to be solved by dramatically slashing salary puts the product itself at risk which then puts more revenue at risk.

The management really hasn’t involved the musicians or community in solving this problem ( with the exception of Mrs. Carlson Nelson’s leadership) but its worth noting other orchestras when needing salary cuts have for example made work rules better for musicians to soften the blow, instead of doubling down and making them an insult atop injury. Is the idea of final artistic control residing with management vs the artistic director a first for the industry?

I seriously hope that management is motivated to put the shiny hall to work and the musicians can put the management past bad behavior behind them and find an acceptable path forward for both.

Mike Hess

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2 Responses to Letter of the day 9-29-2013

  1. David Ross says:

    I believe the transfer of artistic control to management from the music director is a first, and I can’t imagine a single conductor worth his or her weight in batons accepting a job as music director under those circumstances. Most CEOs wouldn’t have the chutzpah to make such a suggestion because it’s so antithetical to the notion of balanced leadership in artistic institutions.

  2. Jean says:

    What cuts have management taken for themselves? How long will it take the board to realize that musicians and audience don’t trust the management? It seems like it would be easier to find new management than to reconstruct the orchestra.

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