Letter of the day 9-1-2013

Dear Minneapolis Orchestral Association Management and Board of Directors,

I sent a polite and respectful email to the members of your Board of Directors today, indicating my anger and dismay over the full page ad that they took out in today’s Star Tribune.

As expected I heard back from none of them, until a moment ago. Mr. Warren E. Mack wrote me a four word reply: “and who are you?”

Please know that I did sign the letter with my full name. More to the point however, I would have assumed that the members of the MOA board, the stewards and protectors of the organization would have more manners and respect for the public TO WHOM THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE.

I did write Mr. Mack back introducing myself and giving him all of my contact information in the hopes that we could discuss this further. But I will also give my answer here: I am the audience, the patron, the music lover and the person for whom you are temporarily holding the Minnesota Orchestra in trust. I deserve your respect.

Dave Assemany

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8 Responses to Letter of the day 9-1-2013

  1. NYMike says:

    Lotsa luck with these tone-deaf board members, Dave. Who would’ve believed that the MOA situation would be worse than Detroit?

  2. Brian Brown says:

    Maybe everyone should tell him who they are.


  3. Good Lord, this from his bio:
    “I can be most effective by understanding the client’s industry and putting myself in my client’s shoes.”

  4. AC says:

    Shall I expect a rebuttal stating there was an unauthorized account takeover of Mr. Mack’s email? What is the justification for such crudeness from a pillar of Minneapolis society acting on behalf of a non-profit organization? Is it impolite of me to ask for a screen cap of Mr. Mack’s reply, though etiquette may dictate one’s email to another would be private, to prove my disbelief that this has occurred?

  5. Irvin Kauffman says:

    Ask who will pay to attend a concert led by the world’s most acclaimed music director conducting a stage of empty chairs. Without us, there isn’t any them (including managers and board members alike!)

  6. A concert without an audience is a rehearsal. The patrons are the third leg of the stool.

  7. Peter Hurd says:

    Perhaps it would simply be best for the MSO musicians to disengage completely from the
    previous organization and start a new orchestra on their own. The present situation seems
    utterly without a glimmer of hope…

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