Letter of the day 8-31-2013

From: Organization of Canadian Symphony Musicians, c/o Robert Fraser, President

To: The Board of Directors
Minnesota Orchestra Association
(Sent by email)

Dear members of the Minnesota Orchestra Board of Directors:

We write to you today on behalf of 1,100 professional symphonic
musicians in Canada, and as advocates for orchestral music worldwide.
The fate of one of the world’s greatest orchestras depends on your
actions in the coming days.

Our message is simple and urgent: end the lockout, return to good
faith bargaining, and restore the Minnesota Orchestra.

The independent mediator’s proposal provides a clear path to
accomplish all this. While a compromise will always include risks for
both sides, the risks of inaction are infinitely greater: the loss of
a brilliant music director; cancellation of recording projects and a
residency in Carnegie Hall; the continued erosion of an incredibly
talented ensemble; and a community without symphonic music.

Your organization has shown its commitment to artistic quality, again
and again. You have shown the world that symphonic music matters in
Minnesota. The re-opening of a renovated Orchestra Hall deserves to be
celebrated; not passed in silence.

Our art depends on many things: dedicated artistry, committed
leadership, and a community that values a thriving, creative culture.
Each of these has a rich tradition in Minnesota. Your decisions today
can reaffirm those traditions, or they can deny them. Please, make the
right choice.

Respectfully yours,

The Executive Board of the Organization of Canadian Symphony Musicians
Robert Fraser, President
David Brown, 1st Vice-President
Elizabeth Johnston, 2nd Vice-President
Faith Scholfield, Secretary
Greg Sheldon, Treasurer

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