Letter of the day 8-26-2013

Dear Governor Dayton,

Thanks for getting George Mitchell involved in the Minnesota Orchestra lockout. His latest proposal, accepted overwhelmingly by the musicians, was rejected by the management for what cannot, as far as I can see, be a decent reason. The proposal, for just four months of concertizing and negotiations, would certainly not, after nearly a year’s savings from inactivity, be unaffordable. It would also give the rest of us to time to figure out what we can do to save the group. After such a long hiatus, this is our last hope to preserve anything like the orchestra we used to have.

Please do what you can to change the board members’ minds. Call publicly on them to accept Senator Mitchell’s proposal. Time is short. We’re losing our orchestra, but we really don’t have to.

Carl Voss

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One Response to Letter of the day 8-26-2013

  1. Karen Sandberg says:

    Yes, Governor Dayton, do what you can. It is a state treasure.

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