The Changing Mission of the MOA

Something happened in November of 2011 that is significant and should not be allowed to go unnoticed:  Without input from the majority of community stakeholders such as audience members, donors, musicians, and taxpayers, the Board and Management of the MOA dramatically changed their mission statement.

Why would the MOA remove the word ‘orchestra’ from their mission statement?  Both statements are below.  Read them and draw your own conclusions.



Our mission is to enrich and inspire our community as a symphony orchestra internationally recognized for its artistic excellence.

Our mission will be implemented by:

  • Enhancing the traditional core of concerts with innovative approaches to programming and format;
  • Providing the finest educational and outreach programs;
  • Representing and promoting the Minnesota Orchestra and the State of Minnesota to audiences across the state,  across the country and around the world through tours and electronic media;
  • Maintaining an acoustically superior hall with a welcoming environment.


The Minnesota Orchestral Association inspires, educates and serves our community through internationally recognized performances of exceptional music delivered within a sustainable financial structure.

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8 Responses to The Changing Mission of the MOA

  1. MIKE GETZIN says:


  2. NYMike says:

    Delivered by WHOM??

  3. Jeremy B says:

    I looked for CDs and iTunes recordings by the “Minnesota Orchestral Association” but couldn’t find any. Perhaps it’s because the musicians of the venerable Minnesota Orchestra are what made the music on the recording worth listening to, not those that count beans (and count them poorly I might add.) I suppose I should start buying tickets to watch the “Minnesota Orchestral Association” manage, since they seem uninterested in fostering musicians that would play these “performances of exceptional music”.

  4. pcantrell says:

    My analysis of the change, for anyone who hasn’t already seen it:

  5. Richard Lee says:

    Perhaps this is the best place for SOSMN (o/b/o the audience and community of small donors) to start – by demanding that all sides agree on a revised mission statement:

    The MOA is an orchestra. It exists to inspire, nurture and educate our community by presenting concerts of symphonic music performed by an elite ensemble of instrumentalists playing at the highest possible international standards. The organization undertakes a variety of other activites, but all in support and furtherance of this core mission.

    I have no doubt that audiences will respond, “Well, duh….” that the musicians will offer, “sounds good to me…” and that the administration will not respond at all.

  6. Marie Przynski says:

    internationally recognized performances of exceptional music – don’t need an orchestra to have an internationally recognized performance of exceptional music –

    • @Marie, I agree with your interpretation of the revised mission statement. It doesn’t say that the MOA has or is an orchestra, it only says the organization will host concerts from around the world. This says to me that the intent of the Board from the outset has been to eliminate the Minnesota Orchestra from existence. Boy, I hope I am wrong in this. This simply can’t be allowed to happen.

  7. Richard Lee says:

    BTW – has anyone noticed the orchestra’s (ie MOA) facebook page still lists then as a performance venue first? Even after all the flack they’ve gotten for PR incompetence…

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