Nils Halker, SOSMN Secretary
Ph:  651.221.4736
Emily Hogstad
Ph: 715.529.7261


Community Responds Voicing Desire For Lockout To End

Minneapolis, MN, Thursday, August 22 – A group of locked-out patrons and donors of the Minnesota Orchestra whose input, advice, and questions have been ignored by the board and management of the Minnesota Orchestral Association announces their launch of “Save Our Symphony Minnesota” (SOSMN). The new organization launched its website, and companion Facebook page on Tuesday, August 20. In the first 48 hours, the Facebook page has generated over 3700 “likes,” evidence that there is a large community of individuals looking for ways to end the lockout and provide a resolution to save the Minnesota Orchestra as a cultural institution. The website and Facebook page  have sparked national and international attention, with views and responses in the thousands and  references from highly regarded industry journalists.

SOSMN seeks to serve as the vehicle for concrete community action to end the lockout, bring back world-class symphonic live music, and demand accountability of the Board and Management of The Minnesota Orchestral Association.

Through its Facebook page, SOSMN will keep the community informed about the latest news and offer a platform for feedback and reaction. Through its website, the group will provide resources and detailed information about the Minnesota Orchestral Association and its lockout of its musicians, and provide ideas for individual action, links to news stories, samples of letters to officials and media, and opportunities for group action.

SOSMN is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota but is collaborating with audiences and donors of other orchestras across the United States and around the world.

The lockout of Minnesota Orchestra musicians and the absence of concerts by the world-famous

Minnesota Orchestra have been underway for more than 10 months. The situation has reached a crisis level. Action is required now.

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